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Bloodthirsty Zionists attack Syria with air strike

Syrian President Bashar Assad accused the Zionist Entity on Sunday of trying to destabilize his country by attacking a military research base outside Damascus last week, and said Syria was able to confront “current threats… and aggression” against it. Over the weekend Iranian officials warned the Zionist Entity of a harsh Syrian response to the […]

ADL slams German ‘Spiegel’ author for telling the truth

BERLIN – Ken Jacobson, deputy national director of the Jewish supremacist organization ADL, on Friday weighed in on the raging Jewish whining over the alleged anti-Semitism of Der Spiegel columnist Jakob Augstein and his criticism of Jews and the Zionist Entity. Augstein’s truthful statement about Jewish control of US foreign policy “crosses the line into anti-Semitic conspiracy thinking,“ Jacobson […]

Former chief rabbi accused of multi-million fraud

This is shocking. A prominent chosenite, engaged in theft and fraud? Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, a former chief rabbi of [the Zionist Entity], has been charged with taking part in a multi-million-shekel fraud. via Former chief rabbi accused of multi-million fraud. And then there’s this: Rabbi Lavel Schwartz was sentenced today to 12 months and one day in […]

Child abductor may keep the children, rules Zionist court

Jews always help each other, even when it hurts Gentiles. That’s why they may appear “successful” in modern society – because of their ethnic nepotism, they give each other unfair advantages. A Tel Aviv District Court overturned a Ramat Gan Family Court decision Monday, ruling that a Jewish mother who kidnapped her children and brought […]

Zionists ban non-Zionist parties

Only parties that support the premises of Zionism are allowed in the “Jewish state”. So much for democracy… Jewish Supremacists always preface a description of [the Zionist Entity] with the words “the Middle East’s only democracy”—but this, like everything else they say, is just a lie, as a new move to ban at least two […]

Netanyahu’s father wanted to kosher slaughter all Arabs

No surprise there. Benjamin Netanyahu is a bloodthirsty lunatic. Among other things, he asks rabbi Ovadia Yosef for advice on political matters. Rabbi Yosef has claimed that goyim “only exist to serve Jews”. He was a so-called revisionist Zionist, he was a disciple of Jabotinsky. And he thought the only way [the Zionist Entity] could […]