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Portugal to arrogant Zionist diplomat: go fuck yourself!

The Portuguese government complained about a Zionist ambassador’s whining about Lisbon’s mourning in 1945 of Hitler’s death. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed its ambassador to the Zionist Entity to transmit disapproval to the Zionist authorities regarding remarks attributed to his Zionist counterpart, the Jew Ehud Gol, in October about a supposed “stain” on Portugal’s […]

Non-Jews are not very welcome in Jewish neighborhoods

David Duke: CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

Jews are spies and infiltrators, Venezuelan secret documents show

Last week the Argentinean news website Analisis24 released 50 documents attributed to the Venezuelan intelligence agency containing private information on prominent Jews in Venezuela, local Jewish organizations and Zionist diplomats in Latin America. The documents identify the Jewish organization Espacio Anna Frank as a strategic arm of the Zionist intelligence agency in the country and as a Zionist front to […]

What Rabbi Manis Friedman thinks about child abuse

In a new audio recording, rabbi Manis Friedman brings up the subject of molestation, says that hardly a kid who attends yeshivas or Jewish programs hasn’t been sexually abused, and then he goes on to trivialize the abuse, make jokes about victims, and in essence claim that child sexual abuse is only as damaging as […]

Swedish National Socialists burned the Zionist flag

The Swedish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the largest National Socialist organization in Northern Europe, burned the Zionist flag in a public event last Saturday, the day before the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”, as a protest against the Jewish lies about Germany. Nordfront

Zionist border police abusing a mentally disabled Palestinian

Jewish terrorist leader Michael Novick exposed by Golden Dawn

The Jew Michael Novick is a Zionist ringleader of criminal “anti-Fascists”. He incites to violence against non-Jewish nationalists and his thugs use dishonorable tactics to silence their opponents. Michael Novick deserves to be exposed …  as he is the leader of one of America’s largest domestic terrorist networks, ignored of course by fellow cultural Marxist […]

Panic-stricken Jews demand Tumblr censor critics of Jewry

In the typical manner, Jews on the social network Tumblr panicked when they found out that more and more users used the platform to criticise the eternal ferment of decomposition, international Jewry, and cried for censorship. The user “The Arcane Theory”, one of the rotten yids, writes about herself: “My People are my life. Am […]

Jews invited by traitors to buy up Greece’s infrastructure

Like they crashed the economy in Eastern Europe and then stole their resources by buying them ultra-cheap with the help of corrupt politicians, the Jews are now exploiting Greece by buying their infrastructure: [Zionist] companies, with the encouragement and assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are taking advantage of the economic crisis in Greece […]