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Non-Jews are not very welcome in Jewish neighborhoods


Jews are spies and infiltrators, Venezuelan secret documents show

Last week the Argentinean news website Analisis24 released 50 documents attributed to the Venezuelan intelligence agency containing private information on prominent Jews in Venezuela, local Jewish organizations and Zionist diplomats in Latin America. The documents identify the Jewish organization Espacio Anna Frank as a strategic arm of the Zionist intelligence agency in the country and as a Zionist front to […]

Rabbis resist consent forms for pedophilic penis sucking ritual

The leading association for mohelim (Jewish ritual mutilators),  the American Board of Ritual Circumcision, who practice a risky oral blood suctioning technique in their genital mutilations, has vowed not to cooperate with New York City’s new health regulations governing use of the disgusting ritual, known as metzitzah b’peh. The regulation, put out by the city’s board of health, requires […]

Organized cockroaches praise immigration reform proposals

Organized cockroaches praised President Obama’s immigration reform proposals, as well as similar measures offered by a bipartisan group of senators, one of which is the parasite Jew Charlie Schucker. The organizations Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), The Jewish Council for Public Affairs, The American Jewish Committee (AJC), Anti-Defamation League (ADL), B’nai B’rith, National Council of Jewish Women and Religious Action […]

Group of senators reaches deal on amnesty for illegal immigrants

A bipartisan group of eight senators plans to announce they have agreed on a set of principles for comprehensive immigration reform. The deal, which will be announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, covers border security, guest workers and employer verification, as well as a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already […]

Panic-stricken Jews demand Tumblr censor critics of Jewry

In the typical manner, Jews on the social network Tumblr panicked when they found out that more and more users used the platform to criticise the eternal ferment of decomposition, international Jewry, and cried for censorship. The user “The Arcane Theory”, one of the rotten yids, writes about herself: “My People are my life. Am […]

The most famous “Holocaust” photo of all time is a fake

This was just revealed at Winston Smith Ministry of Truth: Compare the following photograph from Buchenwald concentration camp, which everyone living today in the West has probably seen… … with the following, printed (except for the URL, of course) in the New York Times Magazine May 6th, 1945: The man to the right in the first […]

Rand Paul prays to the Jewish god at the Wailing Wall

Have a look at the Jewish “alternative” media’s supposedly anti-Zionist darling, Rand Paul in Yarmulke praying to the Jews’ god in [the Zionist Entity]: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2013/01/rand-paul-hes-come-long-way-since-aqua.html Let the image burn itself into your subconscious mind and learn how you have been deceived and by whom. Understand that the same Jewish con artists are pushing the Pauls, […]

Jew leech David Sirota attacks Whites

Race doesn’t exist according to Jews, except when they want to trash and slander other races, in this case, the Aryan race. Jew David Sirota wants to profile European men. Why? “Whites are inherently serial-killers.” Jews are genetic liars and scumbags, and will therefore never tell the truth. The Jew-controlled media and Jew-run Hollywood is responsible for the violence and murder! via Hooknosed Enemy […]

ADL slams German ‘Spiegel’ author for telling the truth

BERLIN – Ken Jacobson, deputy national director of the Jewish supremacist organization ADL, on Friday weighed in on the raging Jewish whining over the alleged anti-Semitism of Der Spiegel columnist Jakob Augstein and his criticism of Jews and the Zionist Entity. Augstein’s truthful statement about Jewish control of US foreign policy “crosses the line into anti-Semitic conspiracy thinking,“ Jacobson […]