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Non-Jews are not very welcome in Jewish neighborhoods


What Rabbi Manis Friedman thinks about child abuse

In a new audio recording, rabbi Manis Friedman brings up the subject of molestation, says that hardly a kid who attends yeshivas or Jewish programs hasn’t been sexually abused, and then he goes on to trivialize the abuse, make jokes about victims, and in essence claim that child sexual abuse is only as damaging as […]

Fiamma Nirenstein tries to prevent Europeans from preserving their culture

The Jewish politician Fiamma Nirenstein has dual citizenship – she says that  “every Jew in the world is an Israeli even if he’s not aware of it. Anyone who doesn’t know it is making a big mistake”. The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rejected Italian MEP Fiamma Nirenstein’s motion that called for the exclusion of Jobbik MP Tamas […]

Goebbels prescribes the proper attitude

The following article by Dr Joseph Goebbels was originally published in Der Angriff, 21 january 1929. The translation is by Hadding Scott.

Panic-stricken Jews demand Tumblr censor critics of Jewry

In the typical manner, Jews on the social network Tumblr panicked when they found out that more and more users used the platform to criticise the eternal ferment of decomposition, international Jewry, and cried for censorship. The user “The Arcane Theory”, one of the rotten yids, writes about herself: “My People are my life. Am […]

“Anti-Semitism” is growing all over the world – enemy Jews are panicking

A recent survey shows that 47% of France’s population correctly believe that Jews are more loyal to the Zionist state than to the country they live in, and more than 40% say that Jews have too much power in the business world. Yaakov Haguel at the World Zionist Organization (WZO) said that “there has recently […]

After Jewish pressure, France orders Twitter to identify thought criminals

A French court ruled Thursday that Twitter must help identify the authors of racist tweets posted on its site. The ruling follows a complaint brought by an activist group in October that argued such tweets breach laws against inciting racial hatred. via France orders Twitter to identify racist users. This activist group is the aggressive Jewish […]

Italian students travel to Poland to be “Holocaust” indoctrinated

Shameless, arrogant Jews all over the world make sure to brainwash young Europeans with nonsense about homicidal gas chambers and soap and lampshades made out of innocent Jews, among other ridiculous allegations against the Germans. Then, because truth does not fear investigation, they work hard to criminalize skepticism in this area. Some 130 high school students […]

The Parasite

This is a cricket infected with a parasitic worm, which makes it commit suicide. Robert Ley wrote in his “The Pestilential Miasma of the World”: We call destructive elements in nature parasites. They are creatures who can no longer survive on their own, due to the atrophy of their vital organs, such as their lungs, digestive […]

Enemy Jew Göran Rosenberg attacks nationalist news site

The Jew Göran Rosenberg, who is influential in Sweden, recently became upset over a poster because it contained blonde, Swedish children, which for Jews is a horrifying sight. Beautiful Europeans remind hateful Jews of their own inferiority and ugliness. When this fact was mentioned in the Swedish nationalist news site, nationell.nu, Rosenberg attacked them in […]