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Hitler studying

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Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald is a professor of psychology at California State University. The main theme in his important books are the hypothesis about Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy.

Israel Shahak

Jewish History, Jewish Religion is written by Israel Shahak. Shahak, a professor of biology, is a “Jewish apostate”.

He also wrote the following book about Jewish fundamentalism with Norton Mezvinsky:

Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry claims that the “Holocaust” has been used by Jewish organizations for political and economical purposes. Finkelstein is a political scientist of Jewish descent. He is well known for his criticism of the Zionist state.

David Duke

Jewish Supremacism is David Duke’s book about Jewish racism. It is written from a personal point of view.

Revilo P. Oliver

Revilo P. Oliver was a professor of classical philology. The Jewish Strategy discusses, among other things, Christianity and the historical Jewish presence in Alexandria.

Arnold Leese

Jewish Tribal Review

A giant compilation written by unknown authors.


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