Hungarian software developer sentenced for doubting the “Holocaust”

The first ever criminal conviction in Hungary for doubting the “Holocaust” was handed down yesterday. The court of appeals affirmed the lower court decision and sentenced software developer György Nagy to one and a half years probation for questioning Jewish historians. In addition, the court ordered Nagy to visit a “Holocaust Memorial Center” for purposes of […]

Sylvia Stolz defends herself against the inquisitorial Jew-lackeys

International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day

January 27 is the International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day (or Holocaust Memorial Day). This is a time for us Goyim to reflect on our eternal and endless historical guilt, and beg forgivess to Jahve’s chosen people for existing. We will watch Schindler’s List and light a candle in remembrance of the billions of Jews who were […]

Italian students travel to Poland to be “Holocaust” indoctrinated

Shameless, arrogant Jews all over the world make sure to brainwash young Europeans with nonsense about homicidal gas chambers and soap and lampshades made out of innocent Jews, among other ridiculous allegations against the Germans. Then, because truth does not fear investigation, they work hard to criminalize skepticism in this area. Some 130 high school students […]

German heroine Sylvia Stolz to be prosecuted – for protesting against censorship!

The German lawyer Sylvia Stolz, who was punished with several years in prison for defending “Holocaust denier” Ernst Zündel, recently spoke at an anti-censorship conference, where she protested against the persecution of “Holocaust” revisionists. Now, traitorous Jew-lackeys are planning to prosecute her yet again – for protesting against censorship! Even the moderator of the conference […]

The most famous “Holocaust” photo of all time is a fake

This was just revealed at Winston Smith Ministry of Truth: Compare the following photograph from Buchenwald concentration camp, which everyone living today in the West has probably seen… … with the following, printed (except for the URL, of course) in the New York Times Magazine May 6th, 1945: The man to the right in the first […]

Different ways in which 6 million Jews were supposedly killed in the “Holocaust”

The notorious German Nazis lost the war for one reason and for one reason only: They were simply too busy tormenting and killing Jews in the most incredible ways. One can actually say that to them the war was nothing but a big distraction, and they had no time for it. After all they had […]

Jews make “Holocaust” indoctrination mandatory in Australia

Filthy Jews brainwash Gentile children with fairy tales about gas chambers, murderous electric floors and other nonsense in order to weaken their minds. Then they make it illegal in over thirteen countries to doubt their incredible allegations. The chosenites truly are a despicable people. Teaching the Holocaust will be mandatory in schools across Australia. […] The […]