Court convicts first suspect in Jerusalem pedophile ring case

The Jerusalem District Court last week convicted the first Jew to be tried among several defendants accused of sexually abusing children in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Nahlaot neighborhood, an affair police initially called the biggest pedophile case in the state’s history. The court convicted the Jew Binyamin Satz, who was the first of 18 Jews to be […]

Jew psychiatrist Aubrey Levin guilty of sexual assault, rabbi displeased, wife tries to bribe juror

Sentencing arguments concluded late Wednesday afternoon for the Jew and former psychiatrist Aubrey Levin, who was found guilty this week of sexually assaulting three of his male patients. Defense lawyer Chris Archer said Levin’s rabbi said that to send him to prison would be a “death sentence.” Two weeks before the verdict, a woman believed to […]

Rabbi arrested on multiple counts of child sexual abuse

The Jew Yoel Malik, a 33-year-old rabbi from a prominent family, was arrested and charged yesterday in Brooklyn with 28 counts of sexually abusing three boys. Yoel Malik allegedly brought two of the boys to motels for sexual encounters. A third boy was sexually assaulted in Malik’s car. Child abuse is rampant among Jews, and […]

What Rabbi Manis Friedman thinks about child abuse

In a new audio recording, rabbi Manis Friedman brings up the subject of molestation, says that hardly a kid who attends yeshivas or Jewish programs hasn’t been sexually abused, and then he goes on to trivialize the abuse, make jokes about victims, and in essence claim that child sexual abuse is only as damaging as […]

Jewish fraudster Peter Madoff puts off jail to party at bat mitzvah

Jews have been thieving, defrauding and exploiting mankind for thousands of years – they even recorded one case, with pride, in their Torah: the Jew Joseph became the second most powerful man in Egypt, where he speculated with grain to buy up all the land when the Egyptians starved. Peter Madoff — the prison-bound brother […]

Child molesting Jew Nechemya Weberman sentenced to 103 years in prison

An unlicensed counselor in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was sentenced Tuesday to spend the rest of his life in prison after sexually abusing a young girl in his care. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Ingram handed Nechemya Weberman a 103-year-sentence without the prospect of parole. He was found guilty in December on 59 counts, including […]

Epidemic of child molestation in Rockland County: take a look at these hideous Chosenites

Two haredim [ultra-Orthodox Jews] in bedroom suburbs of New York City got sweetheart plea deals earlier this week from judges in Rockland County. Both haredim pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse charges – one of them involving anal rape. But even though one of those cases involves repeated anal rape of the child, neither haredi man will […]

Jewish terrorist Yaakov Teitel convicted

Perhaps he was inspired by the bloodthirsty Jew Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Gentiles. Yaakov “Jack” Teitel, notoriously known as the “Jewish Terrorist,” was convicted of the murder to two Palestinians and the attempted murder of two other people. […] The indictment against him consisted of 10 counts, including premeditated murder, attempted murder, illegal possession […]

Jewish accountant gets 3 years prison in $6 million Ponzi scheme

Another thieving parasite Jew: Alan Ritter ran an 11-year, $6 million Ponzi scheme. Ritter also embezzled funds entrusted to him by several clients, using their money to cover the interest payments on the Ponzi scheme loans and to pay for his personal expenses. I’m told by a reliable source who knows some of the victims […]

Jewish producer of pornographic filth gets 4 years in prison

As Jews practically created the modern porn industry, this should come as no surprise, but it is still shocking the kind of filth they produce, like bestiality and “scat” porn: A Los Angeles-based creator of pornographic fetish films was sentenced to four years in federal prison Wednesday for producing and selling obscene material. […] Doing […]