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Bloodthirsty Zionists attack Syria with air strike

War - good for Jews

Syrian President Bashar Assad accused the Zionist Entity on Sunday of trying to destabilize his country by attacking a military research base outside Damascus last week, and said Syria was able to confront “current threats… and aggression” against it.

Over the weekend Iranian officials warned the Zionist Entity of a harsh Syrian response to the strike close to Syria’s border with Lebanon. The deputy head of the Iranian army said that the Syrian counterattack will send the Zionists into a coma, Iran’s Press TV reported.

“In the new era, the criminals should know that behind their every blow lies a massive retaliatory blow, whose time, level and magnitude will be determined by the resolve of the free and anti-hegemonic nations,” Press TV quoted Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri as saying.

On Saturday, Syrian television aired images of wreckage at at military research center in Jamarya, north-west of Damascus.

Zionist warplanes, flying low to avoid detection by radar, crossed into Syria’s airspace from Lebanon and struck the Jamraya site.

Jerusalem Post

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