Rabbi arrested on multiple counts of child sexual abuse

Yoel Malik

The Jew Yoel Malik, a 33-year-old rabbi from a prominent family, was arrested and charged yesterday in Brooklyn with 28 counts of sexually abusing three boys.

Yoel Malik allegedly brought two of the boys to motels for sexual encounters. A third boy was sexually assaulted in Malik’s car.

Child abuse is rampant among Jews, and sexual relations with children is allowed in the Talmud. Reporting crimes in the Jewish community to non-Jewish authorities is called mesirah and frowned upon. See this recent video secretly recorded where a rabbi said to absolutely not report child abuse to the police:

Failed Messiah

4 comments on “Rabbi arrested on multiple counts of child sexual abuse

  1. This is why all sand religions need to be outlawed.

  2. Such events have also occurred in catholic and xtian religions. Shame these things happen to children. ( ; ; )

    • Yes, but while everyone knows of child molesters in the Catholic church, how many are aware of the widespread abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community? Very few, because the media is relatively silent on this issue. And yet rabbis are arrested all the time for these crimes.

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