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Jewish terrorist leader Michael Novick exposed by Golden Dawn

Jewish terrorist Michael Novick

The Jew Michael Novick is a Zionist ringleader of criminal “anti-Fascists”. He incites to violence against non-Jewish nationalists and his thugs use dishonorable tactics to silence their opponents.

Michael Novick deserves to be exposed …  as he is the leader of one of America’s largest domestic terrorist networks, ignored of course by fellow cultural Marxist Zionist media. […]

Michael personally sees to it that his journal, where he publishes the names and addresses of people he sees as a threat to Zionism with defamatory descriptions claiming they are Nazis (whether they are or not, is not relevant, especially not to Mr Novick) , reaches 1500 hundred prisoners every quarter, free of charge!

This is the information that Golden Dawn North America posted about him:

Michael Novick:

Profession: Retired LA school teacher, also teaches English As A Second Language in the Hollywood area.

DOB: 2/9/1947

Partner: Avon Leekley-Novick (also has written for the ARA journal)

Address: 3551 Schaefer St, Culver City, CA 90232

Phone number: 310-838-1343 & 323 901 -4269

Projects: Administrator and Leader of antiracistaction.org , Editor & Publisher of Turning The Tide, Has Written for the American Zionist Federation (“Building Blocks Of Zionism”) , on the http://www.kpfk.org National Board

via Michael Novick, A Wealthy Zionist And Unrepetentant Terrorist Ring Leader Of “Anti-Racist Action” Exposed!.


One comment on “Jewish terrorist leader Michael Novick exposed by Golden Dawn

  1. This is awesome! I’m glad GD North America (heavily under siege) is striking back. This information should get spread around.

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