Giulio Meotti: Christians are guilty of the “Holocaust” and made lampshades out of Jews


In an op-ed at Jewish magazine Arutz Sheva, the journalist Giulio Meotti claims that “Christians are guilty of the Holocaust”. In the article, he cites Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism. Luther was no fan of the parasitic Jewish race – he wrote a text called “On the Jews and their Lies”, conveniently forgotten by today’s pro-Semitic Christians.

Luther is quoted as having said about the Jews:

There is no people under the sun more eager for revenge or bloodthirsty … The Jews are thieves and robbers who do not eat food or wear one dress that has not been stolen from us through greed … [they are] disgusting pests … a terrible burden to us … a calamity … a plague in our midst 

Commenting on how the Chosen People should be treated, Luther thought that

You have to set fire to their synagogues and schools … Destroy homes, seize prayer books and Talmudic texts, forbid the rabbis from teaching, abolish the passes that allow them to move through the streets, confiscate money and valuables … We must likewise destroy and dismantle even their homes because they will practice the same things they do in their synagogues … I ask our leaders to do on Jewish subjects like the good doctor, who, when gangrene takes hold, proceeds without mercy to burn flesh, veins, bones. The same procedure should be followed here

As for the “Holocaust”, Meotti claims that “Christians turned a blind eye” while “millions of Jews … were devoured in crematorium IV of Birkenau and their skin was used for lamp shades”.

via Christians are Guilty of the Holocaust.

3 comments on “Giulio Meotti: Christians are guilty of the “Holocaust” and made lampshades out of Jews

  1. lol my favorite fabrication was the one some Jews claimed Nazis shrunk heads. I have to laugh at this stuff. It’s too absurd.

  2. If only we did … the world would be without the parasites today.
    Not long anymore and they’ll get what they so-rightfully deserve . . .
    the Folk is awakening slowly-but-surely, and this time round there may very well be lampshades made.

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