“Anti-Semitism” is growing all over the world – enemy Jews are panicking

A recent survey shows that 47% of France’s population correctly believe that Jews are more loyal to the Zionist state than to the country they live in, and more than 40% say that Jews have too much power in the business world.

Yaakov Haguel at the World Zionist Organization (WZO) said that “there has recently been a sharp rise by dozens of percentage points in anti-Semitic expressions and incidents in France”, and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky commented that “2012 saw an increase in anti-Semitic expressions due to anti-Semitic parties’ rise to power in different countries”.

At the same time, “anti-Semitic” hashtags on Twitter have been trending lately. In France, so many tweets criticised or joked about the Jews that the Jewish organization UEJF desperately demanded that Twitter identify “anti-Semitic” users, and now a similar thing is happening in Mexico.

Alternative media channels are replacing the old, Jewish-owned mainstream media.

As more and more people understand the Jewish threat to mankind, members of the parasitic race are lobbying for internet censorship and draconian laws against “hate speech”.

This only shows that the Jews, though bolder than ever before, are getting anxious – they know, on some level, that they will be crushed when the Gentile world finally finds out about their destructive activities.

This is an inevitable development. No matter how much they silence us, the truth will prevail in the end, and the Talmudic Hydra will be slain.

Good night Jewish parasite

5 comments on ““Anti-Semitism” is growing all over the world – enemy Jews are panicking

  1. Could the results be a bit skewed, though, considering the amount of Muslims in France?

    • It seems likely. However, the numbers are such that most of the people with “anti-Semitic” attitudes cannot be Muslims or even foreigners.

  2. Can’t grow fast enough. Time to start putting serious fear intimate these jew pricks

  3. If Jews like Sarkozy, for example, expect to be worshiped when calling for genocide and bombing Libya, then they’re completely wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFsmvDF6ytk

    Let’s not forget about Barbara Spectre either.

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