Italian students travel to Poland to be “Holocaust” indoctrinated

TV brainwashing

Shameless, arrogant Jews all over the world make sure to brainwash young Europeans with nonsense about homicidal gas chambers and soap and lampshades made out of innocent Jews, among other ridiculous allegations against the Germans. Then, because truth does not fear investigation, they work hard to criminalize skepticism in this area.

Some 130 high school students from all over Italy flew to Poland Sunday on the annual “Voyage of Memory” to Auschwitz and Krakow sponsored by the Italian Education Ministry in collaboration with the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. […]

Italy mandates Holocaust education in its public schools, and hundreds of students take part in educational trips to Auschwitz throughout the year.

via Italian students travel to Poland to study Holocaust.

The purpose is this is to 1) create an image of the Jewish people as eternal, innocent victims of irrational, anti-Semitic Gentiles; 2) demonise National Socialism, in order to prevent the re-emergence of racially conscious political movements in Western countries; and 3) to extract money and political support from European countries.

Not to mention that “Holocaust” mythology is a way of strengthening the bond between Jews in an age when religion won’t do the job.

2 comments on “Italian students travel to Poland to be “Holocaust” indoctrinated

  1. The scary part is that they send ALL Norwegians in junior high school with “White buses to Auschwitz”, to traumatize them with their fairy tales, and to make sure they never want to know more about this.

  2. Yes, the goyim children must learn how the evil Gentiles turned 600 trillion of God’s Chosen into lamp shades!

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