German heroine Sylvia Stolz to be prosecuted – for protesting against censorship!

Sylvia Stolz

The German lawyer Sylvia Stolz, who was punished with several years in prison for defending “Holocaust denier” Ernst Zündel, recently spoke at an anti-censorship conference, where she protested against the persecution of “Holocaust” revisionists.

Now, traitorous Jew-lackeys are planning to prosecute her yet again – for protesting against censorship! Even the moderator of the conference is going to be punished, just for letting her speak.

See and listen to her whole speech here:

Stolz is a true heroine and a role model for all European women. Let her not suffer in vain – spread the word!

via Sylvia Stolz Speech on “Holocaust Denial”.

4 comments on “German heroine Sylvia Stolz to be prosecuted – for protesting against censorship!

  1. It’s a shame! Evidently the prosecutor is biased, and this influenced his or her judgement, after hearing the evidence, that’s the only logical conclusion! Biased because of her defence of Ernst Zündel! What do you think, DZ?

  2. If the judge is commiting a crime you have a right to make a citizens arrest it has happend in england. Here Ther are two forms of law civill law and common law .From what i have learned common law always takes president .Any person can send back his birth certificate to the regestrar.and his driving licence to the dvla.all and anything that constitute a CONTRACT He can them write a declaration of freedom called a RIGHT OF CLAIM .He gets this document wittnessed by a public notery he sends this off by regestered post to the queen .the prime minister.the head of police and any agent or policy enforcment officers.giving them 10 days to appeal in writing .After the 10 days he is a freeman of the land .He does not need any licences and does not have to pay usery charges and basicly whatever he wants to do is ok as long as he doesnt hurt anyone or steal anything its ok .He doesnt need number plates on his car or any insurance or licence .Becaus its not hurting anyone .and he is not subject to any civill laws. i LOVE SYLVIA

    I want an army of free men of the land to storm the court and arrest the judge and the police if they try to stop anyone they too are then guilty of assault and can be prosecuted under the law YOUTUBE FREEMAN OF THE LAND TAKES OVER COURT AND ARRESTS JUDGE..Enjoy 88

  3. You’d think Germans would appreciate the budget savings from the HoloCa$h extortion.

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