The most famous “Holocaust” photo of all time is a fake

This was just revealed at Winston Smith Ministry of Truth:

Compare the following photograph from Buchenwald concentration camp, which everyone living today in the West has probably seen…


… with the following, printed (except for the URL, of course) in the New York Times Magazine May 6th, 1945:

Crowded at Buchenwald

The man to the right in the first photograph was added to the original. Just another “Holocaust” fraud!

8 comments on “The most famous “Holocaust” photo of all time is a fake

  1. Looks like he was added to the image to hide the fact that not all of the bunks there are full. There’s a bunch of empty bunks behind him.

  2. And when one questions the “Holoco$t ..they jail you and your attorney ………..the “GAS CHAMBERS ” Are a gargantuan fraud ….easily to disprove ..and they know it ..THIS LIE WILL BE EXPOSED ….

  3. Kind of like a proto photoshop! I know what a shock and also how REAL something manipulated with a computer would look to me if I was born in a much earlier period…

  4. Another fact ///// Ellie wiesel who is supposed to be in this picture is ANOTHER “SHOAH ” lie …He has never shown his Auschwitz tattoo and a person whom Mr weasel (lying weasel ) was REALLY in Auschwitz ..Said blatantly he DOES NOT RECOGNIZE him …I have studied this GARGANTUAN lie for many years . I used to believe this as a kid , and i was teased and called a Jew killer ( being of German origin ) go and visit a site called holocaustdenier.com , and see eric’s fine work of spielbergs liars
    All these lies and liars are falling one by one ….

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