Jewish producer of pornographic filth gets 4 years in prison

Ira Isaacs

As Jews practically created the modern porn industry, this should come as no surprise, but it is still shocking the kind of filth they produce, like bestiality and “scat” porn:

A Los Angeles-based creator of pornographic fetish films was sentenced to four years in federal prison Wednesday for producing and selling obscene material. […]

Doing business under the name L.A. Media since 1999, [Ira] Isaacs produced, starred in, and distributed pornographic films through a website he advertised as “the Web’s largest fetish VHS, DVD superstore.” Some of his films, which depict bestiality and sexual situations involving human excrement, were shown to the jury during his third trial last April.

via Producer of pornographic fetish films gets 4 years in prison.

8 comments on “Jewish producer of pornographic filth gets 4 years in prison

  1. “His films […] involving human excrement”? So the actors were Jews? 😉

    • No, excrement has other uses, at least Horse Dung does anyway, Jews don’t and never will have, they are even below Bacteria.

  2. Filthy Zionist scum, the look of contempt he has in the above picture reminds me of another “famous” money-grabbing Kike, Gene Simmonds, two filthy, depraved Jewry.

  3. Of course there are some Jews that are self-loathing. While I am not too keen on self-haters, in the case of Jews — that’s a good thing. There are those out there that call out their sick, twisted bretheren, like Bobby Fischer. He was Jewish but he LOATHED Jews.

    From Wikipedia: From the 1980s and thereafter, however, Fischer’s comments about Jews were a major theme in his public and private remarks.[280] He openly denied the Holocaust, and argued that the United States is “a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards.”[281]


  4. Look at that nose! Whoa, if that wasn’t a dead giveaway!

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