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The Parasite

This is a cricket infected with a parasitic worm, which makes it commit suicide.

Robert Ley wrote in his “The Pestilential Miasma of the World”:

We call destructive elements in nature parasites. They are creatures who can no longer survive on their own, due to the atrophy of their vital organs, such as their lungs, digestive system, reproductive organs, or that cannot move. They are no longer able to secure their own food and digest it, and are therefore dependent on other living plants or animals. They devour their hosts. They fall like locusts on them, suck their life away, destroy them. Their tragedy is that, in doing so, they destroy themselves in the end. Nature always helps. When parasites gain the upper hand, they devour each other.

The Jew is such a parasite!

Hermann Esser, in “The Jewish World Plague”:

Jewry undermines every people and every state that it infiltrates. It feeds as a parasite and a culture-killing worm in the host people. It grows and grows like weeds in the state, the community, and the family and infests the blood of humanity everywhere.

In brief, that is the pestilential nature of Jewry, against which every people, every state, every nation must, should, and wants to defend itself if it does not want to be the victim of this bloody plague.

Wherever Jewry has appeared, it has never built anything. It has always and everywhere destroyed or torn down, sucking others dry to fill itself. From the days of the Romans to our day, Jewry in every century, in every people, was and remained a foreign body, a destroyer of real and ideal values, a denier of any upward progress, a plague for body and soul.

When the Jews have destroyed the West, enrichening themselves in the process, they will no doubt attack Asia. In fact, they are already preparing for it. The “Jewish People Policy Planning Institute” (JPPI) has published a policy paper called “China and the Jewish people” where they discuss the future Jewish relationship with China and long-term strategies for infiltration.

One comment on “The Parasite

  1. DZ!

    Another fellow warrior we welcome to help us organize and slay the Dragon of Zion and with it International Jewry! Amazing analytically written articles that reveals how the genetic evil works in the Jew. Keep up the good work.

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