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Greedy Jewish assassin is not allowed to pray with other criminal Jews

The Jewish assassin William Harry Meece

The Jewish assassin William Harry Meece

Jewish murderer William Harry Meece, who is on death row, is not satisfied with praying in his cell.

A Kentucky death row inmate reportedly was denied his request to pray on Shabbat in the prison’s chapel.

via Court denies death row inmate request to pray with Jewish prisoners.

The Jew William Harry Meece was sentenced in 2006 for murder, burglary and robbery – according to attorney Brian Wright, “greed motivated the savagery” as Meece murdered Joseph, Elizabeth and Dennis Wellnitz in exchange for money. He also killed another man in 2002 for $2000.

According to Meece himself, he was involved with the occult:

Moreover, he stated that he was “somewhat involved in some very heavy spiritual issues and that could be called occult, including vampirism and some other things and some magic.

He claims, however, that

any occult involvement in these murders was entirely secondary to a financial gain motive. 

Whether it was a contract killing or a ritual sacrifice or both, Meece is a disgusting Jewish murderer and thief.


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