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What kind of “God” do Jews believe in?

A religion tells much about the people who believe in it. A deity is, in a way, a representation of the ideals and aspirations of an ethnic group, a race or other kind of natural community. The Jewish concept of God is utterly strange to us Europeans. While Christianity and Islam have Jewish roots, they have only retained some of the original Semitic character. As Varg Vikernes explains:

Christianity, in all its shades and forms, is not only based on the repulsive Satanic religion of the Jews; it is also based on our own European Paganism. The vast majority of their moral values are European (i.e. Pagan)! Almost all their religious festivals are corruptions of our European high festivals! If we strip Christianity of its Jewish content, by cutting of that revolting, reeking, slimy Jewish tentacle entering into Europe from Judea, strangling and controlling the European Christians, we are to a large degree left with a European body. It has been stripped of all flesh, so to speak, but it is still inherently European. Even the idea of a god being sacrificed only later to return from the realm of the dead is purely and utterly European!

The objection any Pagan should have in relation to Christianity is not their morals, but mainly their rejection of honour and their cultivation of themselves as humble sub-human slave-men, ordered by the Asian anti-god of the Jews to serve the criminal Jews as his “chosen people”, with special rights at the expense of everyone else. (Pagan Honour)

The Jewish “god”, Jahve, is a tribal god, vengeful, jealous. It demands of believers cruel practices like brit milah, the circumcision rite, metzitzah b’peh, the pedophilic sucking of blood from the circumcision wound, and shechita, kosher slaughter. Jews are to follow hundreds of bizarre rituals and rules. In exchange, Jahve has promised them victory over all humanity.

There is, however more to the Jewish concept of “God”. Not many Gentiles know that Jews consider themselves divine beings. This is especially important in the influential Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Each Jewish soul, they believe, is a part of “God”, that is, of Jahve, while non-Jews have animal souls. The Jewish people as a collective are “Jahve’s presence on Earth”, his “feminine aspect”. This is what rabbi Manis Friedman wrote on his website, an article which was also published on Chabad’s official website:

But the statement that the soul of a Jew comes from G-d’s “thought” means that the soul of a Jew is not something that comes from an external expression such as speech, but rather from an internal, personal, intimate place similar to thought. Therefore the soul of a Jew is “a part of G-d” (as the Tanya puts it) and not a “creation” at all.

The essence of a Jew, that which makes him Jewish, is his soul, and his soul is not a creation. The soul of the Jew is an eternal, infinite part of the eternal, infinite G-d; the Jew is a piece of G-d. Whoever has this soul is Jewish. Whoever doesn’t have this soul is not Jewish, but rather is a human being created by G-d, created in the six days of creation through G-d’s speech. […]

In other words, anything we’re going to do for G-d, we must do for our fellow Jews, and anything we must do for our fellow Jews, we must do for G-d. We are to treat other Jews as Divine beings, because that’s what they are, and that’s why to love G-d is to follow commandments but also to love each other. Our feelings for G-d carry over to the parts of G-d that exist in this physical world (our fellow Jews), and our feelings about these parts of G-d eventually carry over to G-d Himself. […]

When we refer to the Shechinah, the feminine part of G-d, the part of G-d that dwells on earth, the part of G-d that is within us, it means the collective Jewish soul. That’s the part of G-d that dwells on earth, and that’s why it has been said by non-Jewish theologians that Jews are the presence of G-d on earth. That’s why those individuals in history who have excelled in a hatred of G-d were determined to wipe out the Jews, because the Jews are G-d’s presence on earth. There are two different and distinct entities: the human being, and the Jew who is that part of G-d which He invests into creation. There’s really no choice. (What is the cause of anti-Semitism?)

What kind of megalomania is that?

Certainly the deity that the Jews believe in is not a symbol for everything good and beautiful, rather, it has a “demonic” or “cthonic” character to it. As the rabbi, quoted above, explains, they actually worship themselves as a collective entity, an entity with endless greed for power. Maybe what they worship, what they themselves are, in reality, is something like Ahriman, the “destructive principle” of Zoroastrianism…

Julius Evola wrote:

There are ancient traditions according to which Typhon, a demon opposed to the solar God, was the father of the Hebrews; various Gnostic authors considered the Hebrew god as one of Typhon’s creatures. There are references to a demonic spirit characterized by a constant restlessness, by an obscure contamination, and by a latent revolt of the inferior elements; … (Revolt Against the Modern World)

He speculates that Jews do what they do because of their nature, which has been formed by Judaism, and perhaps, hidden forces, through the ages:

We do not think that there is a genuine plan here, or even a precise intention on the part of every individual; what comes into play is ‘race’, i.e., an instinct; in the same way, it is in the nature of fire to burn. The fact remains that the whole, disorganised, unconscious influence is in perfect accord with the occult, integral, unitary influence of the hidden forces of world-wide subversion. In order to recognise the existence of international Judaism, it is not therefore necessary to assert that all Jews are led by a genuine organisation, and that their whole action consciously follows a plan. The link is established to a large extent automatically, by nature. (Preface to ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’)

Note that Evola regards the Jews primarily as a spiritual race, though there obviously is a biological aspect to it as well.

According to Bernard Lazare, Jews were historically obsessed with magic, no doubt for selfish or evil purposes:

Bernard Lazare, a Jew who was stated (Jewish Encyclopædia, 1904, Vol. VII, p. 650) to be “without any religious convictions,” wrote what he himself described as “an impartial study of the history and sociology of the Jews,” calling his book L’Antisemitisme; in the 1934 edition of this, Vol. II, p. 215, he writes, after mentioning the accusations against the Jews of Ritual Murder:

“To this general belief are added the suspicions, often justified, against the Jews addicted to magical practices. Actually, in the Middle Ages, the Jew was considered by the people as the magician par excellence; one finds many formula of exorcism in the Talmud, and the Talmudic and Cabbalistic demonology is very complicated. Now one knows the position that blood always occupies in the operations of sorcery. In Chaldean magic it had a very great importance…. Now, it is very probable, even certain, that Jewish magicians must have sacrificed children; hence the origin of the legend of ritual sacrifice.  (Arnold Leese, Jewish Ritual Murder)

Is this thought, of Jews as demon-worshippers and destructive spirits in human vessels, really that odd? Even the atheist and physicalist must find something alluring in the idea.

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