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Jews in East Germany

DDR - East Germany

I listened to him with interest that day as he developed his analysis of the reality of the GDR regime (East Germany for us French). He explained that it was one of oppression and organised pillage for the benefit of the Soviets.

The number of Jews holding the reins of this “GDR” government was considerable, out of proportion with the presence of their kind in the population. These were Jews who had previously left the Reich because of the Hitlerite laws and who had returned in strength after 1945 “to take hold of the German people in order to exploit them ferociously, whilst at the same time satisfying their Bolshevik fantasies, as was second nature to them. Some had even come back as soon as the late 40s from the wealthy USA to find themselves installed in the ruling positions of that GDR, the better to keep the Germans in servitude.”

He listed the names of these “rulers”, specifying their functions. He drew me a diagram of the communist government’s makeup and its structures, rounding it off with the names of Jews at key posts. I beheld this diagram of the “East German” government’s decision-making organisation that he set about finishing with the names of those holding high office.

Amongst others I saw those of Hermann Axen, Ernst Bloch, Horst Brasch, Otto Braun, André and Horst Brie, Kurt Cohn, Peter Edel, the Eisler couple, Hans Fruck, Ralph Giordano, Bruno Goldhammer, Herbert Grünstein, the Gysis, Wieland Herzfelde, Stefan Hermlin, Erwin Jacobi, Max Leon Kahane, Heinz Lippmann, Erich Markowitsch.

The diagram of the ruling structure was practically filled up with these names!

He asked me to keep the sheet of paper for my own files.

Georges M. Theil, “Heresy in 21st Century France”

The Eislers mentioned are Gerhart Eisler, who was a prominent member of the Communist Party of Germany during the Weimar Republic, a Comintern agent and later, chief of East German radio; and his brother Hanns Eisler, who composed the national anthem of the GDR. They also had a sister, Ruth Fischer, a co-founder of the Communisty Party of Austria.

Hermann Axen was State Secretary of Press and Agitation.

Horst Brasch was chairman of the communist youth movement “Free German Youth” and later a GDR politician.

The architect of East Germany’s international spy network was the Jew Markus Wolf.

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