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Varg Vikernes on David and Goliath

Now, having a sense of honour in a thoroughly rotten world dominated by Jewish nihilism is not at all an advantage, and it will certainly not lead us to victory. We cannot fight a dishonest foe by honest means. David defeated Goliath not because he was better than Goliath, but because he cheated and brought a missile weapon to a duel. It brought him victory, at the expense of the much better, stronger and far more honourable Goliath, and to David, who of course was a Jew, that was naturally all that mattered to him.

Jews have no honour, and they always use dishonourable means whenever they can. They even boast about and celebrates this, like with their myth about David and Goliath. The moral in that myth is (for the Jews); “We Jews are weaker, less skilled and have no honour whatsoever, but we will win anyhow because we cheat, lie, stab our foes in the back and use every dishonourable means we can think of”.

The only way for the good guy to win against the rotten Jew is to make sure that he too brings a missile weapon to the duel, and shoot that piece of shit down before he can even load his sling (metaphorically speaking, of course…).

via Pagan Honour.

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