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Child abductor may keep the children, rules Zionist court

Jews always help each other, even when it hurts Gentiles. That’s why they may appear “successful” in modern society – because of their ethnic nepotism, they give each other unfair advantages.

A Tel Aviv District Court overturned a Ramat Gan Family Court decision Monday, ruling that a Jewish mother who kidnapped her children and brought them to [the Zionist Entity] should be allowed to keep her children and stay in the country, rather than return them to The Netherlands where the children’s non-Jewish father lives, Yeshiva World reported.

At the family court, the mother argued they if her children are raised in The Netherlands by her husband and are not sent to Jewish schools, they will assimilate and live as non-Jews.

via Jewish Mother Who Kidnapped Her Kids From Her Non-Jewish Husband Can Keep Them, Israeli Court Rules.

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