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Jews got kicked out of England and France because they were thieves

Just like they exploit Gentiles today, especially through international finance, they were thieves hundreds of years ago.

Why did Jews get expelled from England and parts of France? Simple antisemitism?


At least not according to the Maharam mi-Rothenburg (c. 1215 – 2 May 1293), the leading rabbi of Germany and the general area surrounding it at the time of the expulsion from England and an earlier expulsion from part of France who was asked what the halakha is for Jews who are forced to swear on a Sefer Torah that they would not “clip money” (i.e., shave bits pieces of silver off coins to lighten their weight while collecting the silver bits and melting them down into ingots, or for use as jewelry, or even as counterfeit coins).

The men swore the oath on the Sefer Torah, but they had in mind that the oath they swore should not really be valid.

The Maharam mi-Rothenburg answered (Siman 246 in the Lemberg 1860 edition, page 20-21) that without question the oath is valid, and it is a terrible sin to steal from Gentiles.

But the Maharam mi-Rothenburg added something else.

He says that clipping money caused the expulsion (the “actual word he uses is destruction”) of the Jews from France and England.

via Why Did Jews Get Expelled From England And Parts Of France?.


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